Drama, Baby!

« You are not responsible for your imagination!» was the quote of the week. We followed it during our practicing days, to let our imagination take over ourselves.
Get to know each other was the first step to build a group cohesion and cooperation. Games were settled, involving everyone in the group. As time passed, we « got out » of our heads and forgot the awkwardness of what we were doing in front if people we barely knew.


This week has been a way for all of us to get tips about acting, and mostly about improvisation. One of our main rules was « don’t block your partner », and interacting with each other made us get to know the others pretty well. Furthermore, the energy and the power we had as a group showed how important cohesion is. Also, it showed that the cultural differences as we were all from different countries was not a border to express ourselves and to have fun.


Of course, introducing the theme « Sex and gender » to our scenes has been a challenge. But as the ideas came from all of us, we finished by finding out how it was possible to introduce this theme, without blocking our imagination.
This workshop has been appreciated (even loved) by all of us, as we learnt about drama, the others and also about ourselves.


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